Welcome to the site of travel photographer Mathew Lodge. Mathew’s vivid and colorful travel photos have appeared in books, magazines and newspapers including National GeographicFrommers’ Guides, The Telegraph and The Guardian. Prints of his photographs decorate wineries, restaurants, hotels and private homes world-wide, including Olive Garden restaurants across the US.

Mathew’s main specialization is travel photographs of Tuscany in Italy, Paris and Eastern France, the UK (England and Scotland) and his home town of San Francisco and Barcelona in Spain.

This site contains a selection of Mathew’s photographs in the Portfolio section and the full set of stock images is available for commercial licensing. If you want to purchase any photograph then you can do so here. Contact Mathew for commercial image licensing for electronic and print publishing, or if you prefer visit my page at Alamy Images.

For stock image buyers looking for Photographs of Tuscany, check out the galleries of high resolution Tuscany photographs. These are hosted at Tuscany Stock Images, a site that makes it easy to quickly find quality Tuscan stock photos for websites, books, newspapers, magazines, decoration and other commercial usage.


What's new?

BBC History Magazine Lindow Man image

The January 2016 issue of BBC History Magazine carries an article on The gruesome remains of prehistoric murder victims uncovered in Europe’s bogs and is illustrated with a photo I took of 2000-year-old Lindow man, found in a peat bog in Cheshire and now in the British Museum. “The man’s death was carefully orchestrated to extract the maximum pain, terror and public drama”, the article notes.

Oxford Illustrated History of the Reformation

Oxford University Press’ new Oxford Illustrated History of the Reformation includes a photograph I took in Montepulciano, Tuscany of a small shrine to the Virgin Mary. According to the book, the photo illustrates “the distinctive character of Catholic devotion”.

Tuscan Jousting photo appears in national UK newspaper

This photograph is of the Giostra del Saracino (Joust of the Saracens), held every year in Arezzo, Tuscany. It dates back to the 16th century as an important civic and social event for the city and continued for hundreds of years. The photo appeared in one of the major British daily newspapers (the agency doesn’t specify which one, just that it has a print run up to 2 million copies).

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Templar Knight William Marshall photo appears in new text book

This photograph of the effigy of William Marshall, Templar Knight, appears in a new educational textbook. This is one of the Templar Knight effigies in Temple Church, London, recently famous thanks to The Da Vinci Code.

William Marshall is great textbook material because of his remarkable life and experiences. As a young man he made a living winning tournaments: the Heath Ledger movie A Knight’s Tale is loosely based on this period of his life. But William Marshall is perhaps best known for brokering the deal to ensure King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215 at Runnymeade. In doing so he prevented civil war, set England on a course towards a parliamentary system, and paved the way for the US bill of rights.

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