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Going wireless in Europe: what you need to know about cell phones and tablets

Part 1 of 2 articles: the second covers cellular data in Europe Last updated:┬áDecember 2014 To many Americans, staying in touch with a cell phone or tablet while in Europe can seem difficult and expensive. But savvy travelers know it … Continue reading

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Bastides: Taxes and Real-Estate Speculation in Medieval France

On American Tax Day, 15 April, it seems fitting to remember a time 800 years ago when taxation strategies began to shift towards sales and property taxes. Enjoy! North-by-North-west of Toulouse, the Lot and Dordogne departmentare a joy to behold: … Continue reading

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Going mobile in Europe part 2: data services

Updated December 2013 If you read the previous article, you now know the answer to the question “why doesn’t my American cell phone just work in Europe?” and what to do about it. This article will take a look at … Continue reading

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Is T-Mobile’s new international roaming best for European travel?

In October 2013, T-Mobile introduced a revolutionary new international cell phone capability — free data and text message roaming in 115 countries, and 20c/min for roaming voice calls. Could this be the best option for travelers looking to save money … Continue reading

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Set up your AT&T iPhone for Europe and save money

[Updated May 2013 with new AT&T screen shots and prices] Travelling with your AT&T iPhone to Europe? Here’s how you can make sure it works when you get there and avoid a giant bill when you get back. Who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Lytro Light Field Camera Review

Photography began with the concept of capturing light in a single plane — the idea of what’s in and out of focus in an image has been central to photographic composition for more than 100 years. The photographer’s job has … Continue reading

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What is Chianti Classico wine?

A trip to Tuscany inevitably means a glass of red Chianti Classico for most visitors. But what makes a Chianti wine special? Chianti Classico must come from grapes grown in a strictly defined area of the Chianti hills between Florence … Continue reading

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